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Captive in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #1)

Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts I am writing this after a second read through since I never wrote up a review the first time.One upon a time, Caleb was in a very bad place - literally. And he was rescued by Rafiq, although it still remains to be seen just how much of a rescue it really was.Caleb went to work for Rafiq as a Slave Trainer. Weird, I know. Definitely not your average everyday occupation. We don't learn a lot about it but it kind of sounds not that far from a typical BDSM thing - except that we fall in the same old cliche. It doesn't sound like Caleb was especially brutal or anything, but the fact is, there are those cut out for that sort of thing and those that aren't. It doesn't sound like his trainees were given a lot of choice.Anyway, there is this one really Big Bad that Rafiq was looking for when he and Caleb met. And while they figured out where he is, they had to figure out how to get close to him. When fortunately, they found the answer - he is going to be at a Slave Auction in a few months. So they just need Caleb to be there with the perfect slave to attract his attention. And Rafiq hits on the perfect idea - go get what Tom Petty once referred to as "An American Girl."So Caleb goes to America. And has a few million choices. Primarily though, he is looking for someone young and poor who might have just been unhappy enough with her life to runaway. And that's when he spots Olivia.He spends weeks observing her (I know - this didn't make any sense to me, either. Dude is on a schedule but he didn't seem to be moving especially quickly) and decides that Livvie is the one. So he calls in the Goon Squad and they take her South of the Border.When I first read this, I thought Caleb was fighting against being cruel. Now I am thinking his slave training technique leaves a lot to be desired - at least in this case. He wants to make his Kitten into a slave but I think he is more likely to make her into an emotional basket-case. He is just so inconsistent with her. Punishing her for disobeying one minute and not enforcing his own rules the next. He says at one point he wants her to learn to be submissive to help her survive what is coming and I can understand that but if he makes her afraid of her own shadow, I don't think that is going to help. He should be making her want to serve, not be afraid of what happens when she fails. I thought when they met up with Rafiq it might be bad. Now I am thinking it might not. He may actually get things back on track.One quick editing note: Commas are a good thing. Feel free to sprinkle them through the text liberally.I am still looking forward to the sequel although I thought before and still do there is an awful lot of territory we are going to have to cover in the second book to reach the end of the story.I am not going to change my rating or take this off my favorites list, but I am not so sure it would go on now.