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The Domination of Diana (Inferno Connection, #2)

The Domination of Diana (Inferno Connection, #2) - M.J. Aleese This book and the previous work were supplied by the author in exchange for a review.First off, let me take a step back to the first book for a moment...Derek and Juliana didn’t spend a lot of time there but the Club played a huge part in the story. This wasn’t your typical Club - it was strictly Male-Dom. And not just any sort. It was a kind of degrading, humiliating form of BDSM that I found a bit too extreme for my taste. But Juliana was there voluntarily and she had the option to safeword out at any time. It wasn’t the kind of place I would ever be comfortable with but I was just going along for the ride.So now we got to the story of Troy and Diana.So here we find out that the Club is a really just a front. The real purpose was Human Trafficking. And in the end, no one did anything about it.I mean, it is great that Troy rescued Diana and Nicole. But he shouldn’t have had to. He should have called the Cops. If only we knew someone...Oh, that’s right. Derek’s a cop. Or at least he was. Since last we saw him, he has gone to work full-time as Head of Security for Creation Inferno. And Derek is even the witness to make sure that everyone who signs theirs rights away does so in a consensual manner.Only apparently it is a good thing that Derek isn’t a cop anymore because he doesn’t make a very good detective. Diana is kidnapped, locked in a box with a limited amount of tainted water, and starved. When they dragged her out of there, that plus the earlier conditioning Liam put her through meant she was going to do whatever they told her. And Derek was totally oblivious. Not to mention that as I have pointed out more than once, Slave Contracts are fine and dandy if they are your thing but they are not legally binding in any court anywhere. The talk of Government Officials protecting the club is an interesting idea - but doesn't really work for me in the era of new media.I have to say that I didn’t find Troy very much of a hero, either. In less than two weeks he goes from a normal guy to the same sort of Dom that Derek, Liam, etc. were. I didn’t find that comforting. Every time he referred to a woman as a “slut” I wanted to punch his lights out.My least favorite scene: The Planning between Troy and Juliana. The Verbal Protocol is fine at the right time and place. In that moment, they needed to be a little more focused on the mission and a whole lot less about who was committing what faux pas - they were in his office, for God’s sake.I am curious to see where the series goes. I assume we haven’t seen the last of the Carmichael Family. I certainly hope so because I want to see a few more beatings handed out.