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Thank You, Master (Inferno Connection, #1)

Thank You, Master (Inferno Connection, #1) - M.J. Aleese Note: The author sent me this one for read in exchange for a review. I have the next book in the series as well.Most BDSM Novels are about Trust. This one is a little different. This one is about Control.Juliana is a very successful psychiatrist. She has made a lot of specific choices to live her life in a certain way. Derek offers her the chance to stop making choices. He wants to her to accept him as her Master and stop making decisions. The question is, can she do that? And if she can, should she?I have to admit that I found Derek’s attitude more than a bit annoying at times. I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and decide it was something of an act. He really wanted to create a relationship with Juliana and decided this was the way to go about it. He was just lucky that she didn’t pick up the phone and ask to speak to his Lieutenant.Inferno was an interesting place as it was totally Male Dominated. Most of the time there is more of a balance between Male and Female - I am pretty sure most Domme would probably go find somewhere else to play based on the attitudes most of the guys were displaying. I have gone on record before saying I really don’t like Verbal Humiliation and there was a bit more than I was always comfortable with (actually way more than a bit more).We really only see the very beginning of their relationship - the first 5 days or so - so they have a lot to work out in the end. But if you are looking for a different spin on starting a relationship, this is one to consider.Oh, and one last thing: The advice she gave the patient at the beginning. If her partner had no regard for her feelings, it doesn’t matter if they are into BDSM or Competitive Parcheesi, that is not a functional relationship.