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Closed In Chains (The Chains Trilogy, #1)

Closed In Chains - Sharon Green First off, The book synopsis is a bit melodramatic. Yes, Tain and Ennie had been enslaved. But they weren't really fretting about the “terrible danger of becoming one forever.” They also weren't really there on an “anthropological research trip.” They were supposed to be finding a way to bring Slavery to an end.Oliven - remarkably similar to the Counter-Earth, Gor. Apparently it is something of a Lost Earth Colony where things got a bit confused. Compounding the problem is the “Slave Drug,” the one that forces women to obey as soon as they drink it. It does give men certain advantages since they are immune.Anyway, getting back on point - so our Hero arrives. And Jake valiantly sacrifices his life to set Tain free. Oh, wait, no, that didn't happen. Actually he just buys her. And then whisks her away to his campsite.And at this point pretty much goes insane. You see, Jake has been interested in Tain since he joined the Department. But she has carefully avoided him and they have never been partnered up. So now they finally get a chance to work together on their assignment to end Slavery on Oliven. Oh, wait, no, that didn't happen. Actually he decides to take advantage of the drug to teach her a lesson about Slavery. Why he thought she needed to know I am not really sure. Why he thought there would be no repercussions from this I am not really sure, either. Later on, he uses the excuse of saving face in front on his native partner (which was essentially the same lame excuse that Vennias used in [b:Arrival|11045664|Arrival (Mind Warriors, #1)|Sharon Green|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302316260s/11045664.jpg|6787708]) but Tandro isn't even there yet.Things finally reach the breaking point when he gets tired of her resisting him and uses the drug to brainwash her into being an amnesiac but totally obedient slave girl. Oh, and then to emphasize the point he was trying to make, makes sure she remembers everything that happened.The only good thing I have to say about Mr. Killen is he actually figures out that maybe forcing a woman you are attracted to into a non-consensual relationship where you are drugging her to respond and then raping her isn't the best idea. It might have been better if he figured it out sooner but at least he did figure it out.Eventually we get to the end of the book where things don’t go quite as planned.