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The Point Of It All

The Point Of It All - Jade Cary If you are looking for a dark story, you might like this one.I finished this last night just before I went to bed. It took me a while to decide how to rate it. It was never going to get a 5, but had a shot at a 4 until the end. A few hours ago, I decided on a 1 but decided that might be a slightly and I mean slightly unfair.One problem I had was the violence. It was really stomach-turning stuff. I get that she wanted to make it realistic and maybe it was, but it seemed excessive to me. There was almost an enormous amount of the story that we learned from character exposition - it really took away from the story - which, honestly, wasn't that great in the end because it ended up so confused that I wasn't sure to make of it. I couldn't even tell you where the climax of the novel occurred.Val and Diana were both likable enough although he wasn't very understanding of her issues with Stockholm Syndrome, which were partially his own fault (There was a bit of Reverse Stockholm Syndrome - if what happened could be described that way). I also wasn't very into the spanking stuff. It worked out all right once they actually become a couple but most of it was not dubious consent but plain downright non-consensual and I just didn't approve.As for the ending, I really dislike writers playing games. It just didn't work for me and ended up ruining any satisfaction I would have gotten out of this book. If she ever wants to rewrite it, I would suggest deleting the last chapter entirely and starting from there.