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Surrender - Sue Lyndon I decided my favorite character in this was Betsy Carson, even though we didn't actually see her. Rather than allowing herself to be forced into a non-consensual total power exchange relationship, she ran. I say good for her. I hope in the sequel we find out that she is a Resistance leader fighting against the alien invasion.So after making contact with an interstellar society, some earth miners allegedly illegally mine on some alien planet, a disaster ensues, and the aliens invade Earth on a murderous rampage. Instead of fighting back as commonly happens in this sort sort of fiction, Humanity capitulates. And the leaders are even offered a great deal: they get to stay in power while a few females are forcibly enslaved. Maybe that makes this more realistic but I found it sad.I don't blame Fiona for anything she did - she never had a choice. Merokk I never especially warmed up to, but I guess as a bloodthirty barbarian he wasn't all bad.If the plot sounds a lot like [b:Demon's Captive|6941225|Demon's Captive (War Tribe, #1)|Stephanie Snow|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1254691560s/6941225.jpg|7174088], there is a certain resemblance but there are lots of differences as well.