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Butterfly Unpinned

Butterfly Unpinned - Bonnie Dee,  Laura Bacchi I don't know why someone wrote a synopsis for the book without reading it, but that seems to be what happened because what that says barely resembles the book.When Bryan first arrives at the mansion, he knows about as much about BDSM as Anastasia Steele did when she was interviewing Christian Grey in his office. He was trying to figure out how Gary got four attractive women to pose nude for the photos he was working from. The only reason he started trying to figure out if he had dominant tendencies was because it was the only way he could think of to lure Butterfly away.This was a really a Soul Mate situation - Bryan and Butterfly began to obsess over each other from the moment they met. Just his presence in the house made her question the slavery she thought she had always wanted. And early on, I had some thought that Gary would just let her go.After all, it was obvious he didn't love her and never had. He may have helped her deal with some of the stresses of life but the fact that he let her quit college in her final semester so she wouldn't get her degree and that he just replaced her Cutting habit with a level of Agoraphobia that ensured she could never escape him on her own. But I really think the reason he hired Bryan when he did - the fact that he finally had four slaves so he could have his fancy wood-carving done - was all he really cared about.And Gary broke the single most important Cardinal Rule for me when he left Sapphire alone bound in the dungeon. I don't blame Brian for not doing anything, but it proved that Gary was never going to be worthy of anyone's trust. As he proved when he attempted to influence the outcome of the wager. And the way he quoted chapter & verse from the philosophy of John Norman proved that he lived in a very scary fantasy."She goes with me. Now!" - one of my favorite movie moments was in Scent of a Woman when Al Pacino says "I'd like to take a flamethrower to this place!" This reminded me of that.I don't want to give away much about the second half, other than it was almost a separate story. Too often in these total power exchange situations I spend a lot of time thinking how the real world never intrudes. The second half is about life and death and family and redemption and was a great ending to the book."Once you realize how strong you are, will you still need me?""Maybe not," she whispered.There was a complete story here that won't disappoint, but this is another one that actually has enough material for a sequel if they wanted to write one at some point.