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Peace (Mind Warriors, #6)

Peace (Mind Warriors, #6) - Sharon Green The longer the series goes on, it feels like an epilogue to the original in some ways. This is kind of an epilogue to the epilogue.Jilin ends up in a new community - kind of half Truman Show, half the Village from the Prisoner. And after getting so depressed she nearly kills herself by cutting herself off from the world outside her house, Vennias comes to her rescue and they finally get their relationship started.And along the way all the l'lenda suddenly discover what they have been missing. Obviously the culture of Rimilia was going to have to change and desperately needed to, but going from book 1 where Ben was still trying to get everyone newly-arrived female empath to accept a subservient role to book 4 where Jilin converts whole group by drop-kicking a guy in the face to now happily living in the Vediaster suburbs it just seemed a trifle too easy.And then Tammad and Terrilian show up - You know, if you really think about it, Tammad was kind of the antagonist of half the original series because he was planning on double-dealing Central without knowing that Central was double-dealing him. Everyone kind of forgave him in Book 5 but that was left out there. And now we have kind of lot track of time - it is no longer 3 months since we have been following Jilian for at least a couple of months if not longer since we don't really know how long she spent in the Valley in Book 2. And Terry has gone native. I just didn't think think that made a whole lot of sense. I felt like 15 or 20 years had passed rather than just a few months.Hopefully, we can get done with the secret enemies that were never foreshadowed and get things back on track soon - since there is only one book left.