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The Warrior Within (Terrilian, #1)

The Warrior Within (Terrilian, #1) - Sharon Green Note to science fiction fans who read this review: The first time I read this book I read it because of the John Norman style cover when it was published in paperback in the 1980's. This time I read it from the perspective of whether it qualified as a BDSM Romance. A little different, I know. If that idea offends you, you might want to skip this review.Terrilian Reya is a Prime XenoMediator of the Centran Algamation. (Translation: Terry has empathic abilities - she is ability to interpret and influence the emotional state of others - that she utilizes on behalf of a sort of a federation of planets).Tammad is a l'lenda and Denday on the planet Rimilia. (Translation: Tammad is a warrior and leads a sizable clan on a planet with bronze age technology).It turns out that Rimilia is central located within the Algamation and would serve as a fantastic meeting place. The problem is that up until now, only a single embassy has been allowed by the natives. Central Leadership has been negotiating with Tammad to put him into position to get them permission, a mutually beneficially arrangement.When Tammad deliberately chooses to misunderstand a misstatement by one of his hosts, he finds himself in possession of a new house-gift: a beautiful young brown-haired green-eyed woman named Terrilian. And he does what any l'lenda gifted in such a fine fashion: he makes use of her. And when she proves willful, he does what any l'lenda would do a willful wenda: he takes up a switch and punishes her.In the BDSM terminology of today, you can call this one Non-Consensual Domestic Discipline. Tammad has some definite views on slavery and can argue quite eloquently why Terry is not his slave. And there is a actually a subplot involving a virtual reality simulation that also explores the difference a bit more. One of the Amazon reviews thinks there is a bit of Stockholm Syndrome involved - I am not totally convinced on that but I think you can make a case for it.It is also a bit tame in a way - Tammad would seem to be a quite vigorous lover as well as the two l'lenda who end up spending the night with Terril but most of it is left to the imagination.As I had read this before, I remembered the beginning and the end but had forgotten most of the middle. Definitely not a happy ending in this one, but you really need to read all 5 to get the complete story. I actually thought this held up pretty well and wanted to go read the others when I get the time.