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The Warrior Rearmed (Terrilian III)

The Warrior Rearmed (Terrilian III) - Sharon Green Note to science fiction fans who read this review: I read this in the '80s from a Science Fiction standpoint. This time I am evaluating it from an BDSM Romance standpoint. If that offends you, you probably shouldn't read this one.So when last we saw everyone the Band was back together. This picks up a day or so later. About the only thing I remembered from this was the Duel and the last couple of sentences.I think at this point Terry is suffering from 3 things:PTSD - It doesn't come up much but she is obviously affected by her time as a slave among the Hamarda. There are a couple of times it comes up but no one (not even our author) seems to take the time to address it. Len has an interesting line when he mentions that the Hamarda thought Tammad had stolen her when you consider she had already been condemned to death by Tammad's disinterest in her - not sure how that all adds up.Stockholm Syndrome - Can you love someone and still have Stockholm Syndrome because of them? If you can, she definitely does. It also ties into the fact that she is constantly aroused whenever a Rimilian man looks at her. We find out there is a secondary cause for that eventually but I think she was right that she had been conditioned to respond.Low Self-Esteem - In the last book she was convinced that Tammad only wanted her for her Empathic abilities. Ultimately we find out that she has decided that everyone including the Algamation see her the same way. I think you can tie a lot of this up in the fact her abilities were still growing by leaps and bounds.Now for our male Protagonists:Tammad was pretty much all over the place. It isn't just the banding. It is the anger. I lost count of how many times he reacted so strongly to something Terry had done - and several times inappropriately (including the final scene). The low point for him to me was during the Blindfold scene - when she reached out to him and was punished for it. He shouldn't have been surprised that she dissolved into uncontrollable tears soon after that.Len was his usual self - about as capable of being Empathetic as your average turnip. It's interesting that he never figured out that she was contemplating killing herself when she thought she had hurt him. "I haven't forgotten how good you were in the Hamarda camp." And I haven't forgotten what he did to her... and then he and Garth did the same thing again this time. How anyone can stand to be around this guy is beyond me?Dallan was pretty much all over the place as well. On the one hand, he wanted to protect Terry from Tammad. On the other hand, he wanted Terry. The Sword convinced him that he wanted the former more than the latter and I am fine with that - Terry was confused enough at this point and he was just complicating things.So on to the secrets...Tammad hadn't figured out how she felt about House-Gifting because she never told him - I went back and checked the First Book. He didn't talk to her at all before Faddan. But they did argue both before and after Kennan. He never gave her any idea that he was going to listen to her feelings about that so I think Dallan's argument that it was partially her fault for not saying anything doesn't really wash.The Rimilians being Empaths - I had forgotten all about that. It does explain a lot.This one is kind of hard to read because Terry is so miserable most of the time. Things turn around at the end but we still have a long way to go.