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Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6)

Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6) - Candace Blevins This ended up being a kind of stream of consciousness review. Sorry about that.I decided to lift the first couple of paragraphs from my review of [b:Slave|12189503|Slave (Finding Anna, #1)|Sherri Hayes|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1311985225s/12189503.jpg|16636791].There is this guy. Lives in a penthouse overlooking a major metropolitan city. Rich Successful CEO. Respected but most people think he is sort of reclusive.What the public and most of his employees/family doesn't know is that in his penthouse he has a room where he likes nothing better than to tie up young beautiful women, teach them to submit to his will, and make mad passionate love to them in a safe, sane and very consensual manner.So let’s see how this applies to Travis. Well, he doesn't actually live in the Penthouse - he just has his Stainless Steel Room of Pain there. He isn't really into Teaching - he likes them pre-trained. I don’t think “mad passionate love” really applies. Consensual - Ummm.... Yes. Safe - Kind of depends on your definition but we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Sane - Not so much.A long time, as a pre-teen boy with Internet skills that far outstripped his parents, Travis got into porn. And not long after, really bad porn. He feels like it had a negative effect on his life.Cara has a bad experience in high school that had a negative effect on her. She likes to think of herself as an object and not a person. And have meaningless violent sex with men who treat her badly.Candace writes about Consensual BDSM Relationships that make those of who actually enjoy that sort of thing want to curl up in a fetal position and hug their favorite stuffed animal. This was definitely one of those.There, honestly, were a lot of things I didn't like. I thought Travis’s friends in New York were Creeps with a Capital C. It wasn't non-consensual but I didn't approve. And actually all the watersports then and later - I consider that just plain irresponsible.I kept playing a game with myself the whole time I was reading the book - I would hear the late great Michael Hutchence sing “Objectify - Objectify Me.” It helped.True Story - I read [b:Owned and Owner|3093686|Owned and Owner|Anneke Jacob|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327379425s/3093686.jpg|13004565] in paperback years ago. I still feel somewhat traumatized. And this was better in some ways and worse in others. The whole human furniture thing I actually find a bit hot - actually having sex with the furniture, though, is not part of my fantasy. And mixing in impact play - definitely not.I really didn't like Travis after the conversation on the plane. I felt he redeemed himself a whole lot with the conversation when he worried where their relationship would be in a couple of decades.One element I worried about in the second half was that Cara would give up her independence for a total power exchange relationship. As much as I like TPE, I didn't think that would be right for them. The other thing was the way Cara would spend so much time in subspace at certain times.Finally the writing: Really amazing how far Candace has come so far so fast. Best one yet.I decided around 10 percent in, I would give this a 5 if I was satisfied with the ending.