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Taken (Give & Take, #1)

Taken (Give & Take, #1) - Kelli Maine So back in the 1920s, when Florida used to host super-wealthy people who would come down and spend the winter months, there was this one really nice hotel kind of isolated on an island. Sadly, it was pretty much destroyed in the 1928 Hurricane and never rebuilt.Until now. Merritt Rocha, Billionaire Real Estate Developer, has bought the place and wants it restored. So he interviews some candidates and settles on Rachael DeSalvo. He offers her the job... and she turns him down. She just wasn't ready to relocate from Cleveland to Florida so soon after her Mother was widowed.So Merritt could settle for his second choice or he could spend the next 3 months stalking Rachael, and when the opportunity comes along, he buys some stuff off a guy in the bathroom, drugs her so thoroughly that she doesn't wake up until after he has flown her to the wreck of the hotel and has her tied up in the bedroom.Such a romantic.So it turns out that Merritt wasn't born rich but has this incredible ability to read people that enabled him to make his fortune. Except that his employees pretty much hate him, he treats his personal assistant with the same regard he would a stapler, and somehow enthralls Rachael under the weirdest and quickest form of Stockholm Syndrome I have seen yet.I almost stopped reading at the thirty percent but I was curious to see where the story was headed. I give Rachael major props for leaving after that one scene - which was oddly reminiscent of [b:Woman in Chains|7727446|Woman in Chains|Bridget Midway|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1267916559s/7727446.jpg|10495377] - which is actually pretty similar to this: a hero who becomes less heroic the further you get into the book.And while I actually am a big fan of first person, all the "you" got to me after a while.It kind of had a happy ending, but apparently there is a lot more turmoil ahead.