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Guardian Domination

Guardian Domination - Breanna Hayse This is kind of a hard novel to explain. Oh, and beware of spoilers - not bad ones, but ...When our story begins, 17-year-old Celeste has tried to burn her school down. This girl is a mess. A terrible home life has left her unloved and angry and with absolutely no ability to control her emotions. And now that her Father has been sent to prison, she doesn't have much of a future. Until her Godfather is contacted and he agrees to give her a home - as long as she agrees that he will be her legal guardian until she turns 21. So without much choice, she agrees and goes to live with Jace.Early on, it is more of a Domestic Discipline novel. When she misbehaves, he spanks her. When she disobeys, he spanks her. When she... oh, you get it. And it had bit of age-play although it was more like treating an 18-year-old as a 15-year-old. And it wasn't just spanking every time they went to the "Second Drawer." Or the birching scenes - yes, I did say birching.But then it gets weird. First Mark, a member of Jace's band, comes to live with them as her tutor. And Mark spanks her as well. Then we find out about Gayle, who is Mark's submissive and his girlfriend. Eventually Ben, Celeste's classmate, joins the merry cast.So it turns out that Jace and Mark are Doms. And not just any sort of Doms. They have a whole harem of young women who come to them for discipline. Jace says at one point he has 10 trainees. That was kind of fanciful, but I didn't mind it. I wasn't much into The Room though, which shouldn't surprise anyone who has read my reviews.What bothered me more was some of the all women need this discipline and all men want to do this sort of stuff. Uh, no, they don't. Some of us do and it isn't fair to judge us. But it isn't fair to judge those that don't want to, either.The funniest part was that Jace was so concerned over the age difference and Mark that Celeste was too young. Someone should buy them a copy of [b:Owning Wednesday|7718632|Owning Wednesday|Annabel Joseph|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1305337769s/7718632.jpg|10460676].It might be nice to have a sequel featuring Ben at some point.