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Kerana - Slave of Atlantis

Kerana - Slave of Atlantis - Lindsey Brooks Kerana was a Bandit Queen (we aren't going to ask how a street urchin became accomplished with a sword) who led a band of outlaws. Their primary occupation seems to have been taking down slave caravans. Now you would think with a woman leading they would have focused on freeing the slaves ,right? Well, Kerana was mainly interested in herself. If other women became a slave, that was just a sign of their own weakness. That would never happen to her - she could take care of herself and didn't need anyone else. Right up until the point where she is betrayed and sold into slavery. Just one more semi-obedient slave girl on her way to auction who is going to have to learn along the way how to be truly obedient. What we find out reading the story is that Kerana never learned to trust anyone. And to learn how to trust and love, she was never going to find out how without being forced to. In an odd way, making her a slave actually freed her from mistrust and doubt - although it wasn't an easy journey.Macro (bad name for a guy who has never seen a keyboard) fell in love with her at first sight but was bound by the rules he had agreed to. Loura was the fantastic little love slave who was something I had never seen before - submissive and a total nymphomaniac. Her ability to get exactly what she wanted kept the story light when it truly got dark at times. And the kindly guard and the other girls she was chained to had an incredible amount of patience.The reason this didn't get 5 stars from me was, quite honestly, the violence. I know bad people do bad things - we all know that. We don't need to be told about it all the time. Reading about someone being whipped can make for a hot scene. Reading about someone being whipped until they bleed isn't fun for me. The execution chapter did have a point but I skimmed it as much as I could. The big punishment scene had some very interesting elements - a level of humiliation that I don't think would be easy to top (and I am not sure I want to see anyone try) - but again went too far. Although I did love the conspiracy aspect - that was another great plot point.Slave of Atlantis? Kerana was really not much of a slave during the story. And Atlantis was at most an island, not a desert continent. If you are going to use the word Atlantis, then make it worth it.I thought the ending was just sort of ambiguous. I really think there is a ton of sequel potential here - the evil King, the slave trade - that could be explored further.A great story but not for the squeamish.