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Burn for You (Club Mephisto #2)

Burn for You (Club Mephisto #2) - Annabel Joseph I actually went into this one a bit angry based on reading Mephisto's perspective in the last book.I found this one pleasantly surprising.The fact that Molly didn't fall immediately into a relationship with Mephisto felt really right. He didn't deserve it and she had more than earned a chance to try to make it on her own. And she needed to take a chance with Eliot as well.Of course, I think it is fair to point out a couple of things.In many ways, Molly was like Yugoslavia after World War II. And Clayton was her Marshal Tito. Neither of them actually fixed anything - they just suppressed the turmoil for a time. Without them, chaos reigned.And Clayton really put way too much faith on Mephisto being there for her. He left her with nothing. No friends. No family. A staff that couldn't wait to get the hell out of there at the first opportunity. Even the scenes at the club - I never got the impression that she connected with anyone besides Mephisto. It was a very dangerous game. Even if he had wanted to take her as his own the very night Clayton died, there were too many real world things like the funeral in the way.About the pain thing: I must admit that as much as I complained about the scenes in my Club Mephisto review, they worked this time. It was like Molly somehow started channeling the lead character from Owning Wednesday. I really think it was the emotional connection that finally worked for me in the scenes that I never felt was there before.My favorite scene was actually the roleplay scene. The first time she was with Mephisto, I don't think she would have been capable of improvising dialogue on the fly because she would have been working so hard to figure out what he wanted her to say she would have been tongue-tied. And the old Molly would never have been able to giggle the way she did. :)Finally, I felt Mephisto actually grew up in this book much more than I expected. There was actually a real adult in there after all.All in all, a picture perfect ending to the story.