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Mercy - Annabel Joseph I've liked all of Annabel's books I have read and this one is no exception. I almost started it a couple of months ago but the negativity of some of the reviews scared me away at first. But I am glad I did take the time to read it.So many of Ms. Joseph's submissives are so driven, their desire is so strong. Lucy certainly is right up there. But this time there are a couple of twists - the end of her dancing career and the "event" - that ratchet up the intensity level way higher than any I have seen before.I liked Matthew from the start but really had some major problems with him. Like most of Annabel's male characters, he enjoyed hard playing but didn't like all of the now-traditional protocols. I honestly think that might have helped them a bit when they couldn't figure out where to start and stop. Also I was surprised he didn't give her her own room - that is kind of a staple. And the Truth stuff gets a little old when he isn't telling her everything either - like how he figured out she was a submissive had nothing to do with watching her dance.The scene with the two doms and the girl: I didn't get it at first, but I did by the end. I can't believe Matthew took her there and let them hurt Lucy. Those were 3 very messed up people - extremely evident later when the two guys walked away at the theater. Normal people would be sad or disappointed - you walk away angry, there is something seriously wrong with you. I do give Matthew credit for making her promise - that is the only part of the whole thing with them he did correctly.I usually love how Annabel usually handles safeword play and I was really disappointed in Matthew. I don't care if she uses her safeword because her nose itches, that is her right and I think it is irresponsible to put limits up. And forcing her to safeword out of a beating - that is more irresponsible. And then to leave her alone afterward - that was doubly irresponsible. If she hadn't packed up and left afterward, I would have been disappointed in her but she did exactly the right thing.So... another emotional roller-coaster ride. A lot of highs and lows but will not disappoint in the end.