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Undercover Slave Girl

Undercover Slave Girl - J.J. Argus This wasn't a Romance. The easiest way to tell is there was absolutely positively no love in the story.When Hannah gets recruited, she is told that O'Neil is going to seduce her. Invite her out to dinner. Take her with him on a trip. Gradually introduce her to the idea of being his slave. Instead he essentially kidnaps her out of the club and instantly tries to instill in her the behaviors he thinks she should have.It isn't love. It isn't even lust. He doesn't do it because he wants to help her find her hidden submissiveness. He does it because making women into slaves is some aspect of his corrupt personality. But from the reader's perspective, we don't even see him get any pleasure out of it.You can't make someone into a submissive - you can only show them what they already are. But it has to be done carefully and this was not. In the end, Hannah is fine physically. But the emotional damage inflicted on her she in no way recovers from. She is left drifting and out of control. In fact, the way we leave her at the end of the story reminded me of the way we find a lot of female characters at the beginning of a BDSM Romance.One pet peave - "sex slave." We know what it means. For it appear once or twice in the book would have been okay. But it got used over and over. My advice for would-be authors: Never use the term "sex slave" when the term "slave" will do. I find it distracting.Overall, the writing was solid, the plot was somewhat compelling, but there just was no there there.