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The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End

The Mayor's Daughter III: Miller's End - Will Versuch Disclaimer/Shameless Plug: I got this one from the author since we are both moderators of the BDSM Group - if you aren't a member and you like your erotica dark but emotional, please apply. This one is going to be a bit spoilery so be forewarned.I really had no idea just where this was going. My biggest question was always whether this guy was as cool and calculating as he seemed or was he really just posing as something he was not. We finally find out.So it turns out Marlow was a loser. From a family of losers. Sure, he had this nice little fantasy that he had put together. But he wasn't able to think on his feet. Once things got off script, he came apart at the seams. It was really fun to watch. Another favorite aspect of the story was once we got to the key point, he was an afterthought, no longer a factor. We never saw him again.I loved the way that both Jessica and Allison had their opportunities to shine. They each got to save each other. And Kate made some key contributions as well.I planned to read for a few minutes before I turned off the light. I ended up turning off the light after I reached the final page. This wasn't the easiest series for me to get through but the payoff in the end was worth it.