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The Game Plan

The Game Plan - Breanna Hayse Big Bill Johnson - you remember him, right? Quarterbacked the Dolphins in the post-Griese pre-Marino era? No, not ringing any bells? That's okay - just go with it.Anyway, so Bill has three sons - Rob, Bryon, and Glenn. And at one point he married a lady with a little 8 year old girl who he adopts as his own. Kind of a Brady Bunch only Cassie gets to be all 3 in 1 - Marsha's Temper, Jan's Insecurity and Cindy's Childlike Innocence.Now Fast Forward 12 years. Unfortunately, Cassie's mother has died and she is out of control. And Bill is off to Japan to shoot commercials during all of football season - I didn't get that either. Leaving Cassie home with the boys - except they are 34, 31 and 21 - but still boys.And what Bill doesn't know is that Rob and Bry are Doms of a sort. Rob is into the whole Master/Slave Dynamic and Bry is heavily into ageplay and wants to do the whole Daddy/Daughter thing. So they get together with their two step-sisters and...Oh, right, they only have the one. Silly me. So they get together with their one step-sister and...Having Rob and Cassie become a couple was one thing. Having them do the whole Master/Slave thing went a little further. Having Rob and Cassie and Bry do a Dom/Sub-Daughter/Daddy thing simultaneously, I found a bit odd. And I think Bill would have, too. If he had found out, there would have been some serious 'splaining to do.As an introductory story into Domestic Discipline and Ageplay, I thought it was pretty good. The convoluted interpersonal relationships I was never quite sure about. I did always feel like Rob and Bry always had Cassie's best interests at heart (more than once they made sure she okay with what they were doing) and they were definitely a positive influence for her. The final chapter I assume was written before the sequel was planned. Which I will have to read at some point.