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Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)
Sylvia Day

Female Prey

Female Prey - S.J. Lewis Kimberley is an archaeologist who is sort of bored. She wants some excitement and when her friend Barbara tells her about a service that can offer her something different she leaps at the chance. And after a few months of exploration she is ready to take things to the next level.A chase in the woods. If she can make it to the safety zone without getting caught she wins. But if she doesn't make it and is captured by her three pursuers she becomes their plaything until the vacation ends.This is a form of BDSM. The main thing to understand is that while she signed up for the game and presumably is actually the paying customer, there is no safeword, no way to end the game earlier if she decides she doesn't want to play any longer.My single biggest problem was limiting her water on the trip to the cabin. The food I could understand, and they even had an ulterior motive. The water was downright dangerous. Dehydration is a bit too serious to play around with like that.I wasn't that impressed with the guys overall. Ron was interesting and likable but the other two were hard to get a feel for. And they all seemed to be improvising a little more than I would have liked. I have a tendency to find the super-experienced Dom and beginner submissive thing a little tired, but these guys are supposed to be professionals.I actually would have liked to see them try being a little harsher with her at times. I understood what the goal was but it seemed like they could have done a bit more. But maybe that was one of the methods of getting repeat business.Not your typical BDSM story and definitely not a Romance but a well-written story with some interesting elements.