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The Mayor's Daughter I: Draft Pony

The Mayor's Daughter I:  Draft Pony (The Mayor's Daughter, #1) - Will Versuch Disclaimer/Shameless Plug: I got this one from the author since we are both moderators of the BDSM Group - if you aren't a member and you like this sort of book, please apply. Jessica is on the way to her birthday party. You don't know Jessica, of course, but you know the type. Wild Child. Always in some sort of trouble. A string of unpaid parking tickets not because she can't pay them but because she just can't be bothered.And then she gets pulled over and her whole life changes.This book really clarified something for me.I can read consensual stuff even where the action gets pretty intense. Not always easy but I can do it.I can read non-consensual when it is based on the person actually being punished for something they did. Even if they didn't agree to the rules.But I really don't like torture for torture's sake. And I don't like seeing someone being set up to fail. There is a lot of that in this book.And I understand that Pony Play is really interesting to some people. I don't object so much as I just don't care.I admit that at this point I have no idea where the story is going. The first time I felt good about the story was when he got angry because that meant he was capable of true emotion. I really wasn't sure until then.Jessica surprised me more than once. For all that we were told about how bad she was she seems to have a stronger core than I expected. I am definitely rooting for her but I want her to keep her emotions in check until the right time.I also found a flaw in his perfect little scheme. But that is a story for another day.So if you like your BDSM intense and non-consensual, you should probably give this a try. But watch out for the stapler.