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Sacred Secrets (Chronicles of Surrender, #1) - Roxy Harte I always try not to decide on a rating as I read through the book but I don't always succeed. I was thinking this was a solid 4 when I decided to give it a 5 than I decided it didn't deserve that and it was back to 4 but the ending moved it back to 5 and I decided just now to put it on my favorite's list as well.So 10 years ago Garrett was a medical student, engaged and exactly where he thought he wanted to be. Than he met Tony and realized his life wasn't what he wanted it to be. Then he met Thomas who showed him that there was something inside that he never knew was there. Garrett became Lord Ice and Tony became Beast and together they started the hottest BDSM club in San Francisco. Life was good. Then Tony was horrifically tortured and murdered and Lord Ice died. On the surface, Garrett seemed to recover but it was a lie. Then at the club's annual Charity Slave Auction, he is struck by a young woman who has been entered in the auction. When he sees her abused by her owner, he knows he must claim her for his own. And when he gets her home, he finds his new slave has been so abused that she is unable to trust and that it will be his task to help her.If this doesn't sound like the book's description, well, I guess you need to read it for yourself and decide. For a long time, I was really wishing this were the only plot, because I thought it would have been a fascinating tale.I had some real problems with this book early on. The slave auction was just over the top - an auction is one thing, thirty days is just ridiculous. There is no way real people would do something like that. I always spent a good portion of the book afraid that Kitten was going to die from dehydration from the alcohol and the fact he kept forgetting to let her have any water. The glass bubble was just goofy.I haven't talked about Celia much so far and that is because you don't really get to know her until the latter part of the book. She is so much more of a complex character than you realize at first.If you feel daring, click the link found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNE5C0X7FzsOne quick confession: I made the mistake of reading the description for Book 2 and I will admit it bothered me. At the end, though, it all makes perfect sense.