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Nisey's Awakening

Nisey's Awakening - Dakota Trace This was a really odd book for me. I liked Nisey and Caelan so I enjoyed it but it had some really strange moments. It almost felt like it was set in an alternate reality. Derrick gets my award for being one of the lamest wanna-bes ever.The whole non-interference between a Dom and Sub went way overboard. It is one thing in the middle of a club scene, but after she and Derrick broke up, there was no reason to act like it was still a factor. The conversation between Caelan and Olivia about Derrick's attack was just plain weird.I guess everyone has their own style but the whole master/slave/third person bit was a little too far too fast. I realize the book was skipping ahead but I think it really takes a mental switch to start doing that.If I had read Caelan use the word "training" one more time, I would have stopped reading the book. Give it a rest already. And finally, the part where her parents referred to Caelan as her Master was one of the oddest things I have ever read. It is one thing for them to know - it was just wacky to see them refer to him that way when they could have simply called him her boyfriend.