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Childebride Island

Childebride Island - Alice Liddell The oddest thing I found about this book was that for a novel that was supposed to be about ageplay, there actually wasn't really any ageplay in it other than playing dress up with the young ladies. If they had taught the girls to say "Master" or even "Sir," it would have just made it a bit more conventional BDSM.I really liked Clara. She went through so much and managed to persevere through all of it. The fact that she was such a natural submissive certainly helped and the ending, abrupt as it was, gave me some hope that things wouldn't be as bad for her as it initially seemed.Ingrid was a bit of a cypher and it would have really helped to have fleshed her out a bit more - she did make a good if not totally evil villain. And all the males obsession with anal play actually got a little over the top by the end.The ending seems to setup a sequel but it apparently hasn't been written yet.