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Owning Wednesday

Owning Wednesday - Annabel Joseph I skimmed the description of this one several times before I read it. For some reason, it really didn't appeal to me. And then when I read over the first chapter, it confirmed everything that I thought I wouldn't like: I really wasn't happy with what Vincent had done to her.But then... Wow. She became an actual person. With a job and an apartment and feelings and everything.Wednesday was really an intriguing character. I didn't realize how young she actually was and what that meant about the length of her relationship with Vincent until near the very end.I loved the big blowout fight. I thought that was the moment where she really came into her own. And I didn't just like her, but actually respected her from that point on.It was definitely similar to the Comfort Object series and could have been included within (I kept expecting Jeremy and Nell to show up at the movie shoot), but it was well worthy of standing alone.