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Slave (Finding Anna)

Slave  - Sherri Hayes Stop me if you have heard this before... There is this guy. Lives in a penthouse overlooking a major metropolitan city. Rich Successful CEO. Respected but most people think he is sort of reclusive.What the public and most of his employees/family doesn’t know is that in his penthouse he has a room where he likes nothing better than to tie up young beautiful women, teach them to submit to his will, and make mad passionate love to them in a safe, sane and very consensual manner.Oh, almost forgot: young beautiful brunette women.So obviously, you are thinking, that you’ve already read this. But you would be wrong.Stephan is not driven by the demons of his past. He has no issues he is trying to bury or run away from. And he has good friends. One day a friend comes to him with a problem. There is a young woman who needs his help. If things work out, he might just find the submissive that he has been searching for.And so he meets Brianna.One thing you quickly learn is that even if he sounds familiar she is not Anastasia or even Bella or anyone else you might be thinking of. She may have been like them once but not now. After a year of psychological and physical torture at the hands of a sadistic monster, she is simply a slave.This isn’t erotica in the traditional or the modern sense. If you are looking for steamy love scenes, then you are going to be disappointed, at least by this first book in the series. Because there aren’t anyway. When you are a slave, you own nothing and therefore can give nothing. And he simply won’t take what isn’t freely offered. She could possibly be the submissive he has been searching for but it is going take all his skill as a Dominant and his compassion as a human being to get her to the place where she can decide that for herself. We see them start the journey toward her recovery, but it isn’t going to be easy for either of them.My one bit of advice to Stephan: When you collar a slave it isn’t the same as collaring a submissive. An uncollared submissive knows she doesn’t belong to you; an uncollared slave does not. Next time you ask her to choose, make sure she understands she is actually making a choice between two different outcomes. Lily wasn’t the only one who didn’t say enough.