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On Becoming His

On Becoming His - Cassandre Dayne Jessie ... I mean, Jezebel ... I mean, Jessie is entering a BDSM and Domestic Discipline relationship with her boyfriend, Luke, who is 10 years older than her (she is a 45 year old executive) and a somewhat experienced Dom. Essentially we are in her head through out the beginning stages of the relationship.Honestly I hope he knows what he is getting into. Jessie is extremely needy and I do mean extreme. She also had a tendency to Top from Below. He was enthusiastic but she was something else.On the one hand, I found the mixing of the styles interesting because I thought it was the kind of thing people could do in real life. I just thought it got kind of muddled. The whole issue of having a third person in their relationship only confused me that much more.It was an interesting read and I already have the sequel ready to go (it was available for free so I picked this one up first) but I really wish an editor had spent some more time with the book and work on the punctuation errors.Not really my thing but I could see someone enjoying this if this is their particular fantasy.