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Hunted - Zeke Connor This review was sponsored by Behind the Chintz Curtain. You can still read it over there - come on, you know you want to...Have you ever thought that Behind Enemy Lines would have been way cooler if Gene Hackman’s character weren’t in it, Owen Wilson’s part was played by a girl, and she was actually captured? Welcome to Hunted.Suzanne is a women on a mission. Go in, meet up with her contact, and take out the bad guys. One guy in particular on her list was a notorious torturer named Aleksandr.Sasha is a guy doing a job. He captures the intruder and then is tasked with making her talk. He may not love what he does but he is very good at it. Oh, and Sasha is actually a nickname. In certain circles he is better known as Aleksandr.But here’s where it gets really interesting. Suzanne was a submissive - she had never been with a Dom who could make her realize that. Sasha was a Dom - he had never been with a submissive who could help him figure that out. Until now.She is there to make sure he ends up dead. He is supposed to make her talk and then dispose of her. Can two mismatched people find love in the middle of a war zone?This is not your typical romance. It isn’t your typical BDSM novel - you won’t find any safewords here. But it is a novel about two capable people who want to find a way to make something work where you never would think it would.