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A Little Training

A Little Training - Abbie Adams Still kind of trying to decide about this one.Trace and his buddies run a human trafficking operation with a twist: he actually pays the women to participate. Now I know what you are going to say? It isn't really human trafficking. The girls signed a contract and it only last 4 years. And they can leave at any time. Yeah, but can they? No one ever mentions that - not one single solitary time. If there is no exit clause, that, to me, makes it a criminal enterprise.And I realize times are tough, but a lousy $50,000 for 4 years of your life. I don't think that is going to cover very much of med school let alone the therapy sessions these girls are going to be going through. Assuming they want to leave after spending that long in that sort of mental state. You really get the impression that this was not only new for the girls but also the first time around for the guys as well. I didn't find that especially comforting.I also didn't like "Some women use sex to manipulate men" or whatever the exact quote was. Gee, is someone going into this with a bit too much emotional baggage and feels he has to protect himself by being with a woman who is incapable of fighting back? Cowards make neither great Doms not great Daddies in my opinion.The Drug Injections and the Laser Treatments - interesting that those weren't important enough to mention in the contracts. I think the contracts will make for interesting evidence when this case comes to trial.I had to kind of laugh at the coffee addiction angle. Never experienced that myself, thankfully, but it was actually part of the plot of [b:Arrival|11045664|Arrival (Mind Warriors, #1)|Sharon Green|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302316260s/11045664.jpg|6787708] - being forced into servitude was unpleasant but being forced into servitude without coffee was a deal-breaker. Here, Livvy isn't really given a choice.Oh, and one more thing: I don't hold self-published books to a high standard in terms of grammar and punctuation but this wasn't self-published. Blushing Books has been around long enough that this book should be a complete embarrassment for them. If this was copy edited, you sure could not tell.I am giving this a three for an interesting concept but if the story continues further (which it should because a lot was left unresolved at the end) I expect improvement next time.