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Under His Command - Kristine Cayne Reading this was a little odd coming immediately on the heels of [b:Reclaimed Surrender|13510302|Reclaimed Surrender|Riley Murphy|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1346978567s/13510302.jpg|19063630] Alexis and Rene have been married for 5 years. Alex was the perfect sub for Rene expect for two things - she wouldn't call him Master and she didn't want to wear his collar. But 6 months things took a bad turn in their relationship and they are trying to figure it out.Jamie and Erica have been married for 5 years. Their marriage has been a disaster the entire time and they are trying to figure it out. The one thing Jamie is sure of - He doesn't want to her to call him Master or wear his collar. He wants a partner in life and her to be submissive only during play times.Jamie was a Dom - you know the type, lots of women kneeling at his feet, etc. But nothing ever really clicked. So one night he meets Rickey in a bar and takes her home for a wild and wooly night of protected sex. She bails the next morning and he can't find her. A month later, she turns up on his doorstep pregnant.Jamie is sure that he has ruined her life but is determined to do the right thing. Erica is sure that she has ruined his life but has no one else to turn to for help. So there are both feeling more than a bit guilty which leads to...them spending 4 years together not communicating, split up for a year, and only get together after the Earthquake of 2014 when they come together to save their daughter's life.Now they are finally on their honeymoon in Hawaii. And finally communicating. These two are the poster children for angsty relationships.Fortunately, though, it turns out that Jamie was wrong about her feelings toward the night she met. She actually enjoyed being blindfolded while he got down to business. And she is ready for more.I would rate this a three if we had to live through the 5 miserable years but since we got to skip to the end I can be slightly generous. Plus the actual play scenes were well done - especially the Fire Play.