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Nira/Sussa - Julian Darius If you look this book up on GoodReads, it is classified 3 ways - Literary Fiction, Horror, and Erotica | BDSM. Since it falls into such diverse categories, I am going to write 3 reviews. And if you are eager to read this and want to know nothing going in, you probably want to stop reading now.Literary FictionYou have to give the author credit. I would never have thought of combining [b:Lolita|7604|Lolita|Vladimir Nabokov|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327871906s/7604.jpg|1268631] with [b:X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga|103111|X-Men The Dark Phoenix Saga|Chris Claremont|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350674413s/103111.jpg|99407]. For the most part, he pulled it off.The first 4 chapters are virtually unreadable. I don't think I have ever read anything more self-indulgent. After that, it gets better. It is still a bit flowery for my taste but it actually was entertaining for awhile.One quick tip if you read this and still want to read the book. The title comes from an imaginary pseudo-Gorean language.Sussa means slave.Nira means an uncollared free woman who under this convention is less than a slave, or nothing. You will see the word used quite a bit throughout the book.HorrorSo last year while the Occupy Wall Street protesters were gathering in Zuccotti Park to protest against the 1 percent, the people they were protesting against were regularly meeting a few blocks away in a hidden club where they torture and kill young girls (notice I did not say women) they bring in via human trafficking. Oh, and if you don't understand the X-Men reference, it has been going on for centuries.Erotica | BDSMI don't think the author knows anything on the subject. Our male protagonist was once a 16-year-old boy whose 14-year-old girlfriend told him he was too nice. So he irrevocably overwrote his original personality.Our female protagonist was once a 13-year-old who had a relationship with a pedophile who was a friend of her mother's.Now she is 17 and he is 34. She wears his collar and calls his Master and offers to kill herself at his command. Oh, and murder other young girls for his pleasure.ConclusionThe GoodReads ratings are all over the place on this one which I do understand. I am going with my first instinct and rate this in terms of being a BDSM Novel.Oh, and one other thing - if you enjoy this, you would probably enjoy [b:The Trials of Madeline|15068165|The Trials of Madeline|Francis Selford|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338996459s/15068165.jpg|20722915]. I certainly didn't. Both of them involved clubs where inhuman activities take place. I kept wondering if the references to the Paris Club were references to this.