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Slave of the Sky Captain

Slave of the Sky Captain - Tasia Winters I actually wasn't sure if this was a Science Fiction novel or a BDSM Romance when I started it. Let me assure you it definitely qualifies as the latter.Ysabel agrees to become a Debt Slave to save her Father. Her plan was simple: Get sold to erase his debt and then escape before she becomes damaged or diseased by her new owner. But things don't work quite as she expected.Instead she gets purchased by Captain Argent, who intends to teach her everything she needs to know to make her the perfect slave/courtesan/priestess of his very odd religion. To make sure she sticks around long enough to learn all her lessons he locks her in a kind of clockwork collar that begins to shrink if it isn't reset every 24 hours and he has the only key - so she isn't escaping anytime soon.Ysabel - so submissive that she practically passes out the first time she kneels in front of him. Argent - All I could think of was how much this Dude reminded me so much of one Daymon Tane (whether that is good or bad may depend on your point of view).I very much hope the sequel is coming soon.