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Sylvia Day

The Auction

The Auction - Claire Thompson Not exactly the most original concept: A man buys a woman to be his slave for a month. But it doesn't have to be if you do it well.The reason the Auction House wants to make sure that someone wants Carly to be experienced is because if she panics right from the beginning it reflects bad on them. Actually getting someone who was able to make it through the training and hasn't become jaded would make for a much better experience to me although I am sure that not everyone would think so.Adam was a little cookie-cutter - the guys who has dommed lots of women but never found the one he was looking for and partly because he didn't think she was out there. I gave him a lot of credit for being willing to listen to James and Amy (I love Amy because she was a great example of how someone can be a submissive but not a doormat) at some key moments.Finally, it was nice to have a nice little love story that wasn't light on the BDSM. Nothing I found excessive but definitely not stuff for beginners either.