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The Warrior Challenged

The Warrior Challenged - Sharon Green Note to science fiction fans who read this review: I read this in the '80s from a Science Fiction standpoint. This time I am evaluating it from an BDSM Romance standpoint - which is pretty much what this always was.Obey is a word that took a rather prominent role this time around.So when last we saw our two lovebirds, Tammad had 5-banded Terry for like the 4th time - but the first when she actually reluctantly wanted him to because she had worked out her issues enough to decide they were really in love. I was actually mentally referring to this as [b:Fifty Shades Darker|11857408|Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2)|E.L. James|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1309183143s/11857408.jpg|16813814] - he is determined to have his way and she is willing to acquiesce... but only some of the time. But that wasn't how Tammad saw it. As for asking you to obey me and being no more than another wenda... Terril, those are things I would not and do not ask, nor would any true man. These are things I shall have from you, as my due, for I am the man to whom you belong. You have not been given the choice of obeying, for such a choice would be difficult and demeaning for you to make. There is no choice before you; you shall obey.Up until this point, Tammad had always seemed more Alpha Male from a Male-Dominant Culture than a true Dominant. All of a sudden we had a dramatic shift. For a man who had denounced slavery, he didn't really seem all that opposed to the concept. The question, though, was Terry was a true Submissive? And we found out on the mountain road once and for all.At first I was informed that I must be completely obedient. When I failed, I was punished to teach me my error. Now that I have become completely obedient, I am told that you wish me to be otherwise. As I have no desire to be punished again, you must tell me what you wish and exactly how disobedient I am to be.Dallan and Cinnan offered their opinion that Terry had become ordinary when she was obedient. I think she was better described as miserable. When someone who isn't submissive is forced to submit, the results are never going to be pleasant for her or him (unless he is truly evil). She could go through the motions but that was all she was doing.Eventually they get to their destination and are captured. Terry is truly enslaved again but since her abilities are much greater than they were during her time with the Hamarda, she has to be kept drugged so she can not use her power or even remember who she is. Eventually, though, she is able to fight off the effect enough to escape and reach Dallan.Which brings us up to another interesting development. Up until the very end of the last book, Terry and Len were the only Empaths we knew of. Then we find out the abilities are common on Rimilia, only undeveloped. Now we find out that Vediaster is not only a city ruled by an Empath but that their is an active Empath Resistance in place to oppose her. And they want Terry as both a Member and to take a leadership role. And these women, contrary to what we have been told up to now, are the property of no man.You are one who requires the protection and direction of a man. Although the bands were taken, you remain a banded Wenda, one who must obey in all things.He is a man, and men turn inexplicable strange when in the presence of a wenda such as Terril. His desire to have her obey him was of such a strength than even I nearly took insult.Your power is far too great for us to overcome, yet is there now no need to overcome it. You will obey us, for that is the only thing you may, in honor, do.This whole idea - that by submitting to Tammad she not only had to be obey him but anyone else who decided they were acting on his behalf - didn't contradict anything that had happened earlier but did add a few new wrinkles such as making her sort of a second class citizen in this situation. Of course, she did find an interesting way to get even with Dallan.A lot of other thing happen throughout the book. One problem is that it is always a little rushed. There are 3 moments in the book when Tammad is ready to give up on their relationship and the second time it was just the next day after they had resolved the first one. But that is the sort of thing that happens far too often in books like this. The writing had definitely improved from the first book.