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The Haley Chronicles

The Haley Chronicles - Laylah Roberts Most of the ageplay stories I have read were nonconsensual stories about kidnap victims. The fact that this was entirely consensual made it so much better.I liked the way that she was allowed to break character whenever she felt the need without penalty. It kept the story from getting out of control a couple of times. The health subplot was a little odd because it went on so long - I was beginning to wonder if Jake actually knew what he was doing by the time it ended. And I liked that when they got really into things, they were both adults.The gated community aspect was fine for most of the book but really jumped the shark for me during the final segment - the daycare part was just silly.My only other complaint was the abrupt way each story ended. It really killed the overall flow. I would have preferred if some transitions had been edited in.