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Accidental Slave

Accidental Slave - Claire Thompson Right off the bat, let me say... I bought this on sale the other day. I probably wouldn't have ever gotten around to otherwise because the title and most especially the cover I thought were confusing and didn't attract me at all. And that would have been a shame because it really is a solid story.Elizabeth is an executive at a Madison Avenue advertising firm. One of her employees is furious that she got hired from outside because he felt like the job should have gone to him. And he concocts a revenge scheme that was so bizarre it almost might have worked. While out with Elizabeth at a charity auction, he drugs her and then enters her into a Slave Auction. It seemed like for an upscale place, the House of Usher needed to put in a few more safeguards. I think Gary's best case scenario was that she never be seen again. Fortunately, though, the entry Gary had prepared attracted the attention of Cole, who had the three things she needed: disposable income, desire, and concern.And the story could have ended when she got back home the next morning. But interestingly enough, the entire experience and her conversation with Cole made her question some things about herself. I thought this had some really good discussion between the two characters on what BDSM was all about.A couple of points...The Crisis of Faith moment is not unusual in a story like this. She wants to submit but doesn't want to because she views it as a betrayal of herself and/or her gender. This story had like four of them in a 24-hour-period. It got a wee bit too repetitive.I could have done without some of the word play stuff. But it was a big deal to Cole so I will let it slide. I thought letting her wear the Sundress after her nap was just plain weird because it kind of broke the momentum. And the part with the cage - it was so odd that what he threatened her with was straight out of Club Mephisto and way premature and as we found out isn't likely to ever happen.The ending was very rushed. I really thought there were several interesting ways it could go and none of them happened. The story just kind of stopped except for the silly epilogue.I have read only one other Claire Thompson novel, Slave Island, and this was infinitely better. In fact, this was one of those stories I felt could almost translate into a movie script - although I doubt anyone in Hollywood is quite that daring. But it was just missing a little bit to have been truly great.