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Sweet Persuasion (Sweet Series #2)

Sweet Persuasion - Maya Banks Note: this one probably spoils some things so be forewarned.So Serena runs Fantasy Incorporated, a kind of private Make-a-Wish Foundation. If you have the money and your fantasy is reasonable, she can try and make it happen. The problem is that she has a fantasy and it is a little outside the scope of her business.She wants to be delivered to an Auction where she can be put on display and sold. Forced to serve her new Master right there on the spot. Taken to his home and be taught to fulfill his every desire.For a Month.So when she decides to make her fantasy happened, she is put in touch with Damon, the owner of the hottest sex club - and I assume the only - in Houston and someone with the connections to make her Fantasy happen. And he chooses the perfect candidate - himself. The only thing is that Damon wants what she is fantasizing about (at least mostly) - only he wants it to be real.Some quick observationsSomeone needs to do a study on the correlation between extreme submission and narcolepsy. This isn't the first story I have read where our heroine is getting like 20 hours of sleep a day and can't keep her eyes open.The structure was interesting - the first third set things up, the second got the Fantasy going, and all the actual impact play scenes (which didn't look like they were going to happen for a while) occur in the final.The trip home to Mom - I love those every time. I guess they are there to show he isn't a psycho but they are always fun. I actually never worried about her after the first conversation between Damon and Micha - the fact that Micha expressed zero concern, made me think we had nothing to worry about.The safeword and collar thing - The reason that people use safewords is that sometimes it is fun to say "No" when you don't really mean it. And slave collars aren't demeaning or even embarrassing. I could point out several stories where a simple necklace was used. But whatever.The subplots from the series - that got kind of annoying - it was one thing to have them dropped in during conversations with the main characters but when you had whole chapters it was distracting.And finally - I really would have liked to see them get through the whole month. Instead, we got through the first week without an issue, her crisis on her first day out - planning a dinner party for that night was not the best idea, and her crisis on the second day.I really liked the story but I didn't feel like it was over at the end. I am assuming you see more interwoven in the later novels.