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Reflected in You (Crossfire, #2) - Sylvia Day Back when I read Bared to You it was a few weeks after reading those-books-that-shall-not-be-named (at least in this review). And I thought it stood up well to any sort of comparison.Eva and Gideon are two of the most broken characters you will ever see. And their relationship is pretty much a constant train wreck going from highs to lows with nothing in-between. The only thing working for them is they are madly in love with each other - and I do mean madly.I love how these keep getting labeled as BDSM. A safeword does not a BDSM relationship make. It also requires trust and communication - neither of which these two are any good at all. They can keep the safeword but going any further would not be a good idea.Okay - so the ending - I am going to break out the spoiler tags...There really isn't a question about it - Gideon could have had Nathan killed. He could have even had it done in such a way that the body was never going to be found. But he wanted both revenge and for Eva to know that she no longer had to fear him.That was absolutely true love.We can hope that they find some stability in the next book but I am not counting on it.