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Sylvia Day

Straits Academy

Straits Academy - Alice Liddell, Anne Randolph 22-year-old Adelaide leaves England to sail to Singapore to marry a man she has been corresponding with. Unfortunately, when she arrives, she finds him to be a victim of murder. Not ready to return to the England she left behind, she embarks on a bold undercover adventure infiltrating the campus of a mysterious boarding school for young ladies. Addy had just the right mix of daring and submissiveness to pull this off - not everyone would, believe me - and perhaps not in that order.The biggest negative - the book was just too short. I have to admit that I enjoy a certain amount of F/f and this has that but for all Madame Ong's delicious threats and promises I was left kind of disappointed at how little she actually did. We had several opportunities for some great scenes that were just left on the table including leading into the finale.I did like the discussion between Drake and the Detective. A place like this would be terrible today. But back at this time - we don't know exactly what year it was although they did have motorcars - it just isn't quite that bad if the students were of the right mindset. And it was kind of bothersome the way things ended with quite a few unanswered questions.I think if you enjoy the book, you will definitely like the ending.