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Nobody's Perfect (Rescue Me, #4) - Kallypso Masters So in Masters at Arms we get to meet Damián and Savannah, two star-crossed young lovers who get to spend a single tonight together in a really dark Romeo and Juliet tale (and I realize that the original version of that was pretty dark, too).In Nobody's Angel we get to see Damián again - only now as the big bad bullwhip-wielding dark and mysterious Dominant.In Nobody's Hero we get to see Savannah again - as Savi Baker, the totally together and competent Social Worker/Counselor.So would these two ever have a future together?It turns out they would because... as much as they had changed and excelled in certain areas of their lives, they both had secrets that even those closest to them never quite realized. Damián had recovered mostly from what happened to him at Fallujah but had actually decided to leave his life alone. Savi wasn't alone - she had her daughter - but she was never going to find a place for a man in her life and you couldn't blame her for that. Together, they both had a whole lot of work through.Structurally, it was interesting how the story flowed. At one point, you wonder if there are going to be any BDSM scenes. And at another point, you wonder if there is going to be anything other than BDSM scenes. And while I usually feel pretty comfortable with the terminology, I felt like I needed the glossary that Savi was asking for when we got into the whole Dom vs. Top thing although it made sense in the end.Proof-reading: I know Kallypso worked on this until the last minute. I caught two errors (if I were better at this I would have taken notes) and I am sure both will be corrected soonest.I have to say I was a bit disappointed with what happened to the bad people in San Diego. They seemed to get off a bit easy although you may not think so.One last point: What happened to Savannah reminded me of several novels but ultimately it made me think of Beloved Vampire. I thought I understood what had happened to Jessica but I really didn't until I saw Savannah's guilt over how she reacted to her torment. It made me feel for both of them more.A great novel and I look forward to the next one where hopefully Marc and Angelina finally work out all the issues that have been overhanging their relationship for way too long now.