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Sylvia Day

Reconstructing Meredith

Reconstructing Meredith - Lauren Gallagher I love the way this started - picking up a few hands after the last book ended.So way back when Scott and Meredith were Lovers - they actually lived together for two years. And then things didn’t work out and they drifted apart. And then one day, Meredith just went away.It turns out it wasn’t by choice.Meredith met a man who grabbed hold of her and never let her go. Locked her away in his dungeon and didn’t let her out until she was his slave. Until even when they went out in public he knew she would never say a word against him. When he hurt her, she accepted it. When he whipped her so bad she needed stitches he sewed her up. When he choked her so bad she couldn’t breathe she broke out a window and went to the neighbors for help and then begged them to help her repair the window.He is in prison now and she is back. Meredith has reclaimed her life for the most part but there are still pieces she can’t fit together. She realized that the answer might be found by being a true submissive and she turns to the one person who might be able to help her. Scott was her lover, never her master, but perhaps he can suggest someone.I liked Scott in the first book, but I thought he was living a bit too much in the moment. This time he really has to decide just what he really wants. It isn’t going to be easy and it really tests him and his relationships but he is determined to help Meredith reclaim herself.If he can do that, perhaps they just might maybe reclaim each other.