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Sylvia Day

Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies - Kitty Thomas Welcome to Eleu, where the women live in abject slavery and the men in constant fear.Ostensibly the men have created a society where the women are held in complete captivity - where the only escape they are offered is death. But then you realize that the rules do not exist to free the women from their burdens but because the men are terrified that they will lose what little actual control they have.Our four male leading characters...Asher is the perfect example of a coward. When he becomes convinced that he has damaged his relationship with his first slave, he turns to someone else to help. When that goes tragically badly, instead of seeking assistance, he buries the entire thing. When his life falls apart, he hides behind a lie.James is a self-styled master of a bullwhip who shouldn't be allowed near a piece of string.Lucas is willing to spend 371 days hiding his true nature but incapable of effectively dominating the woman he has lured. Actually, as it turned out, his dog was more capable than of being an effective master than he was.Eric is looking for a 24/7 Submissive but is looking for the right person to form that sort of relationship with.And for the ladies...Darcy wants to live as a slave but had a natural tendency to be a brat.Grace wants to live as a slave but had a overly romanticized idea of what it could be like.Lainey wants a submissive relationship but has no interest in being a slave.When I wrote my review for Comfort Food, I had deep reservations but thought the characters were very well developed. I don't feel the same way here. I was really disappointed at how one-dimensional they were and how rushed the whole thing felt.The premise had a load of potential but I think the execution failed. I actually think a sequel might temper my judgement but I do not see that happening.Oh, and one last message for the self-styled rulers of Eleu:There is no land beyond the lawWhere tyrants rule with unshakable power!'Tis but a dream from which the evil wakeTo face their fate, their terrifying hour!