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Woman in Chains

Woman in Chains - Bridget Midway The main theme in this for me was Trust. Or the lack thereof, because no one in the book seemed to trust anyone else - sometimes with excellent cause.It isn’t unusual for me to dislike one of the characters at the start but I think I actually disliked Dak more at the end than I did at the beginning. He had a lot of growing up to do.So Dakota is a member of SAFE - which is an interesting idea but seems like a kind of train wreck in execution. As we learn, the members have some real honesty issues - with each other and even with themselves. They seem to be entirely making it up as they go along - which, to me, could make them just as dangerous to the people they are trying to help as those they are trying to save them from.Anyway, because these people can’t communicate with each other Dak ends up with a young woman who refuses to call herself anything other than “This Slave.” He names her Rebekah because he isn’t in to the made-up name stuff as we learn in the first chapter - except in the case of his former submissive who he and everyone else refer to as Lil’ Mary so many times I felt like I was the one being tortured.He actually rescued her from a guy who calls him Blaze - no real name given. Apparently, this guy saw her out shopping and convinced her to come home with him and become his slave in a fashion most unexplained because I don’t even think Christian Grey could pull that one off and he didn’t seem to be exactly oozing animal magnetism. We find out her back story and it explains some but definitely not all. Anyway, Blaze seems sort of responsible as he uses safewords and the most dangerous thing he does to her is lock her up in a small container hidden in his bedroom and leave the house. I mean, what possibly could go wrong there? He was one of the most self-centered Doms I have seen lately, and that is actually quite a statement, believe me. And when he said “I had to break her” I wanted someone to break his face.So Dak is trying to get Rebekah to trust him while dealing with his own issues while trying to figure out how to get rid of her. Despite pretty much a recipe for disaster, it goes well for a while until he loses it over something that I thought wasn’t a big deal. Frankly Rebekah was way too patient with his faults. Mouse’s first visit was fine. Mouse’s second visit was so wrong they should have left together and let Dak learn to deal before either of them talked to him again. Believe it or not, Dak was into 24/7 Total Power Exchange - which I have no problem with as a matter of principle but he never proved to me he was up to the challenge.This is the kind of plot I generally love but I can’t say I did this time. Things worked out well in the end but I give Rebekah most of the credit for that. Well-written and interesting but I just couldn’t quite get into the characters the way I prefer.