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C.J. Roberts
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R.K. Lilley
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Madeline Sheehan
Entwined with You (Crossfire, #3)
Sylvia Day

Beloved Vampire (Vampire Queen, #4)

Beloved Vampire (Vampire Queen, #4) - Joey W. Hill Five years ago, Jessica had everything she wanted. She was living in Rome, working as a Historical Researcher and engaged to a loving man who was going to take her sailing around the world. And then she came to the attention of a Vampire. Who figured out the secret she didn't even know herself. That she was a submissive. And her dreamy life became a nightmare.She spent the next 5 years being tortured. Literally. He hurt and hurt her more. When she attempted to escape, which she did eleven times, he hurt her in almost unspeakable ways. But as bad as the physical side was, he did something almost as bad to her psyche - he never made her submit. He never dominated her and taught her that submission was her nature. He just tormented her and encouraged his sadistic Vampire friends to do the same.The sole thing that made her life bearable was a book she found about a young Bedouin girl named Farida and the love she bore for a mysterious Englishman 300 years ago. The depth of their relationship sustained her through her darkest moments.Until she was pushed past the edge and killed her tormentor.Dying from all the had gone through, she undertakes the dangerous and extreme journey to find Farida's resting place and make it her final resting place as well. And there she finds out something that turns her whole world upside down.Farida's lover, Mason, is a Vampire and still lives.Mason has never recovered from Farida's death in all the years since she was brutally taken from him. He has had servants and companions but never another true love.For them to come together, Jessica has to learn that submission was a part of her before her ordeal. That the normal relationship between a Vampire and Servant is one of submission but also love.Mason has to learn that he no longer has to punish himself for Farida's death. That 300 of self-torment is enough and it is time for him to find love again. They have to decide this amidst a Vampire Society that either wants her dead for committing their ultimate crime or offers her an escape that will let her forget both the worst experiences of her life and the best as well.