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Cait and the Devil

Cait and the Devil - Annabel Joseph So Duncan, our male protagonist, had been married before to Lenore. The problem was that Duncan had what even he considered to be "unnatural desires." And Lenore wasn't interested - just like in real life, not everyone is. Unfortunately, it made for a bad marriage than ended really badly. So he has kind of given up on love.And along comes Caitlyn - the innocent of innocents, the submissive of submissives. This poor little thing, all alone in the world, who just wants to be held and cherished. They were really the perfect match because along with his instinctual need to be a Dominant, came the inherent need to protect the one he loved. And that is exactly what she needed. It was so frustrating for him to take so long to see it but finally he did.I also enjoy good comfort scenes after he makes her cry and this is full of them because this girl is carrying a lot of emotion. In fact, the early chapters almost reminded me of some of the ageplay novels I've read, but fortunately moved past that eventually when Duncan got his own issues worked out.I was curious how Annabel would do writing a medieval novel because, frankly, I have read so many bad ones. Actually, she did quite well. There were dialogue issues - there usually are if you aren't Chaucer or Tolkien - but nothing too jarring. The bedroom scenes did feel a little odd, though - because it felt like two people playing in the present in ancient Scottish surroundings at time. I did like that Caitlyn was not the stereotypical fiery independent girl that would let no man tame her - that has been done to death.This isn't the first Annabel novel with an antagonist but this one was such a monster. I just meant to read a few minutes before bed but I ended up having to go much further because even thought I knew Cait would be okay, I had to see her get through it. With all of Annabel's other novels in contemporary settings, it was nice to see her do something different.