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Deep in the Woods

Deep in the Woods - Annabel Joseph There is dark and then there is dark and then there is dark. I am not sure if this fits the third one, but it sure isn't the first.Sophie is a typical Annabel submissive - driven by her needs and her masochism. Unfortunately, this makes her ripe for the pickings when she meets Barry. You find out early on that there is dark secret hanging over her, and believe me, it was an extremely dark secret - I certainly didn't see that coming.We don't find out much about Barry, which was fine with me. There were a lot of questions about how their relationship was handled by the community. We didn't get a clear cut answer and that is probably the most realistic outcome.Dave is kind of a typical Annabel Dominant, only probably a little bit more unsure of himself. He was definitely a good guy though. And Ryan was certainly likable although I do question the wisdom of doing capture play with Sophie - they all had fun but it was kind of dangerous.And Cerebrus? Cerby was definitely one of the highlights of the book. I can think of a lot of other young ladies who could have used him looking out for him. The scene where he destroys a certain wooden object was priceless.This is one of Annabel's earlier books and it seemed like the writing wasn't quite as crisp but still very professional. From what I gather, there is a semi-sequel featuring Ryan. I am looking forward to reading that one soon.