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Slave Island

Slave Island - Claire Thompson I started this expecting a novel about a girl who gets kidnapped to an island and forced to become a slave. The title would give you that idea, right? Well, it is not that at all.First off, they picked out Julianna because they fit their profile - no family, young and attractive. But she had zero and I mean absolutely zero submissive tendencies. She was never a slave, she was never close to being a slave, she was simply a prisoner.And these guys were complete and total idiots. They weren't running a slave training operation, they were running a prisoner of war camp. Sure, they played their little games with operant conditioning but that wasn't about slave training, it was plain old fashioned brainwashing. And they weren't even good at it."I never met a girl I couldn't break." - You can break lots of things, but that doesn't make them slaves."It's possible to fool even the most discerning master." - Actually it isn't, but fooling you losers didn't turn out to be that difficult.If you like stories about girls who get kidnapped and beaten, you may like this. But it wasn't for me.